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Nothing Really…

View from my kitchen window in Brooklyn this morning.

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Spring Flowers…

Springtime in Brooklyn.

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We Moved!!!

We moved to Brooklyn about a month ago. I love the neighborhood so much!!!! We are keeping our house and have been going up pretty much every weekend. It’s a lot of change!  I am no longer baking professionally. Both … Continue reading

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Music In Brooklyn.

Went to a little gathering in Brooklyn yesterday. Lots of music being played by some very talented people. I brought the cupcakes… It was a fun Saturday afternoon!

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Snow Brooklyn Style…

Someday soon I hope to post about something other than snow… At 7:30 this morning it was beautiful.

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Angela’s apartment in Brooklyn.

This is my friends Angela’s beautiful apartment in Brooklyn Heights. It reminds me of Paris.

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Random photo’s…

On my way into the “big city”. Thought I would post some random photos taken with an iphone. This photo was taken by Chris Kelly.

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